Most people, even jicama fans, relate this superfood tuber with the summer due to how refreshing it is in its raw form. We're not pointing fingers at all because in Mexico (origin country), jicama is also known mainly as a snack you want to bring to a beach day and enjoy it with a mix of more crudités like cucumber, carrot and celery. Adding fresh lime juice and chili powder is the most popular way to have it with or also with a dip like guac.

But what about all those cooked jicama dishes? Not raw and not snacks. Well, most people still don't even know jicama is also great if cooked!

Shocked yet? so were we when we first found out all those years ago! Still, this concept is very new to so many people. But hey, once you discover this, it's just so good!

So if you love eating healthy or are giving it a go, if you're a superfood fan, if you want innovative fun and delicious recipes, if you like how the idea of a healthy carb substitute sounds, if you are on the lookout for new diabetic friendly foods ... if any of these aspects apply to you, then you are definitely in the right place!

This time we will be focusing on 5 delicious ways to enjoy jicama when its cold outside:


1. For the Pasta Lovers

Xica's ready-to-eat jicama noodles are amazing for any pasta dish you are a fan of. You can cook the noodles just like pasta in salty boiling water until desired texture is achieved, but they come out just as great if you cook your sauce at a low heat and add directly the noodles to it, sautée for about 30 min still at a low temp and enjoy. 

Check out our jicama noodle shrimp parmigiana recipe here.


2. Jicama Tortilla Crepes or Lasagna

Xica's ready-to-eat tortillas work wonders for so many dishes besides just tacos. By low heating the tortillas in a skillet or in the oven they loose a bit of their water content, this way their texture is much more similar to a wheat or corn tortilla. 

Jicama crepes are great with a filling of any nut butter, or cocoa spread for example and will work as the perfect guilt free low carb dessert!



3. Jicama Winter Salad

Salads are not just a summer or spring thing, there are delicious salads for the colder months of the year that are super hearty and delicious. If you want a light alternative to indulge in, think jicama salad! Use it as a substitute for apples with cream, walnuts and cinnamon or make it the protagonist in a jicama slaw!

jicama slaw


4. Jicama Soup

This is definitely the heartiest way to eat jicama in winter time! There are so many different soup recipes in which you can include jicama. Be it diced in a vegetable soup, or in noodles as a warm pasta soup with your favorite herbs and spices or a dash of parmesan or feta cheese. You'll discover how amazingly adaptable jicama is to any flavor!



5. Mashed Jicama Puree

This might be the most creative jicama recipe yet. Who would have thought that a fiber rich puree could turn out so good? You just need some parsley, salt and pepper and almond milk to make a delicious side guilt-free dish! Or try it our your way and let us know how it went in the comments. Don't forget jicama is undoubtedly what we call a food chameleon.


On the recipe section of this website you will find many jicama based recipes, and a lot of them are cooked, so feel free to explore and let us know how it went!

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