We are an innovative company founded over 15 years ago, with the mission of promoting innovative healthy products by offering high quality, fresh and exotic jicama recipes.

In 2012 our company was consolidated by the construction os a state of art foood proccesing facility located in Apodaca in the state of Nuevo Leon Monterrey. Our facility has the highest food processing technology and follows the most rigorous quality standards that food industry demands such as ISO 22000 GSFI Certifications and HACCP, all together under today latest BMP’S. We have 100% safe and clean areas under controled temperature to ensure the integrity of our food.

We pack our products in convenient and innovated containers with Modified Atmosphere MAP with easy open seals to extend the shelf life of our products. We use ecological and reciclable materials in order to preserve the planet. With the same care and pride we produce, we daily distribute our products throughout many distribution channels such as Retail, Food Service, and others locally and into USA. Our product portfolio has a wide variety of tropical fruits and jicama combinations packed into round and rectangular containers, to satisfy the grab-and-go and ready-to-eat consumers, that are always looking for new, convenient, safe and fresh products OTC.

For food service customers we have the 5 pound trays with pouring-control grills in order to perserve the freshness of the products as well.