Are carbs your friend or your enemy? So many people would debate over this!

The honest truth is: it depends on so many factors and from what angle you would look at it. Still, in short, the answer is "no" they're definitely not your enemy, but it is also true that there are healthier carbs than others! Like white vs whole grain, for example. 

Buuuuut, what about CARB ALTERNATIVES!? There's thousands of people out there that are low carb eaters, for whatever the reason: diabetics, intolerances, personal choice, etc... 

If you identify yourself or are simply looking for healthier, fun ways to cook your meals then think JICAMA. If you're a carb lover but are looking for healthy alternatives to still enjoy so many of your carb loaded favorite dishes but in a nutritious, guilt free way then again, think JICAMA.

We've mentioned it before, so many times: Jicama is so versatile and most people don't even know about this! So many have no idea that jicama tastes amazingly great when cooked and not only in the raw!

So what exactly can you cook up with jicama:

- jicama spear air fries instead of french fries

- jicama tortillas (raw or cooked) instead of high carb tortillas or wraps

- jicama noodles instead of regular pasta (use them raw for salads)

- jicama chips instead of regular chips or nachos

These are just simple ideas of how you can create amazing dishes with any of our Eat ur Xica ready-to-eat jicama formats, in the raw and also cooked! 

Check out all of our many recipes for the know how's and keep us posted about how you have been enjoying it the most!

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